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The Jedi Exile is the protagonist of the Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords, and a character that did much to change the face of the Star Wars galaxy. When she was still a youngling, training at the Jedi Academy on Dantooine, she had a very unique ability for making strong connections in the Force, causing her to be a natural leader, and also creating conflict with other students regularly. Her abilities were often noticed, commended, and even scorned by her masters, but she was nonetheless taken as an informal padawan by Master Kavar, prior to the Mandalorian Wars. The Jedi Exile was also mentioned in the upcoming Star Wars The Old Republic MMO where her name is revealed as Meetra Surik.

Mandalorian Wars – Rebellion and Exile

Like other young Jedi, the Exile defied the Council’s stance of complacency and reflection, leaving the Order to serve the Republic in the Mandalorian Wars as a Revanchist, fighting in many major battles as one of Revan’s most trusted Generals, including the Battle for Dxun and the Battle of Dagary Minor. She commanded a fleet of warships at the battle above Malachor V, the final battle of the Mandalorian Wars. When all seemed lost, and the last Mandalorian fleet began driving back Republic forces, the Jedi Exile commanded the use of the Mass Shadow Generator, tearing the moon apart and destroying both fleets in the process. Unable to face the pain and death she had created, the Exile cut herself off from the Force, more completely and utterly than any other character known to Star Wars canon, creating a wound, an echo in the Force itself, around her. After Malachor V, she returned to the Council to face judgment, and was exiled beyond the Outer Rim, where she travelled for nearly ten years before returning to known space, as orchestrated secretly by Jedi Master Atris.

Peragus II – The New Sith Threat

Finding the galaxy in turmoil and the Republic on the brink of collapse following the Jedi Civil War, the Exile allied herself with the mysterious and powerful Kreia on the abandoned mining facility orbiting Peragus, becoming her apprentice after re-establishing her connection to the Force; and with the help of the imprisoned scoundrel Atton Rand, she managed to discover the doom of the mining crew at the hands of an assassin droid, as well as the fate of the Harbinger, the Republic vessel that had been on a course for Telos IV with the Jedi Exile before it was boarded by cloaked Sith Assassins and their master, Darth Sion. Kreia later revealed that these Sith wished to extinguish the life of the last of the Jedi, which they believed the Exile to be. Fighting through the combined forces of reprogrammed mining droids and Sith Assassins, the trio, along with astromech droid T3-M4, boarded the Ebon Hawk and escaped the destruction of the entire planet when the Harbinger fired on fuel-rich asteroids around the facility. Following the devastation, the Exile and Kreia discussed their newly-discovered bond through the Force, the possibilities of both dying should one of them die, and decided to seek out the Jedi Masters for their assistance in defeating the new Sith threat that now plagued the Galaxy, and possibly find a way to end the link between them.

Telos IV – Confronting the Past

Following her arrival on Telos IV, the Jedi Exile endured a short house arrest by order of the Telos Security Force (TSF) while they investigated the destruction of Peragus and awaited the Republic Vessel Sojourn. It was not long, however, before she discovered Chodo Habat, leader of the Ithorian restoration effort on Telos, offering her services in thwarting Czerka. With his help, the group escaped the station in search of the now-missing Ebon Hawk to make haste off-planet. After crash-landing in a restoration zone, reuniting and teaming up with the creator of the Mass Shadow Generator, Bao Dur, and fighting through throngs of mercenaries to a second shuttle, the group again crash landed on a plateau in the polar region. There they faced more assassin droids and were then accosted by the guards of a Jedi Academy within the plateau, the base of operations for Jedi Master Atris, the last of the Jedi in the traditional sense. Subsequent to a heated discussion about their shared past, Atris and the Jedi Exile agreed to work together to bring the Jedi Masters together for a conclave on Dantooine, where they could begin to address the Sith threat that had now revealed itself. Upon reclaiming the Ebon Hawk and droid that had been taken from her by Atris, the Exile and her crew left Telos with a list of Jedi Masters and their last known whereabouts, sending them on a journey throughout the Outer Rim, searching for answers and assistance in combating the new danger to the Galaxy.

Nar Shadaa – Exchange Business

Though her past was marked with atrocities, the Jedi Exile did much good as she waged war against the hidden darkness and found Jedi Masters all across the Galaxy. On Nar Shadaa, she freed helpless refugees from the iron grip of the Exchange, became noticed by powerful people on the Smuggler’s moon, and was invited to a private meeting with Visquis, an Exchange Boss in charge of the Refugee Sector of Nar Shadaa. The Exile chose to attend in order to find and stop the large bounty on her head, despite the clear and present danger, but was intercepted by a Bounty Hunter named Mira on her way to the Jekk’Jekk Tar. After speaking with her for a short time, Mira drugged the Exile and absconded with her environmental suit into the deadly bar, and met with Visquis herself, and was consequently captured. The Exile soon awoke from her torpor after being told by one of the Masters she pursued, Zez-Kai Ell, to follow him, while she was still paralyzed. Following the advice of the strange Jedi, the Exile entered the Jekk’Jekk Tar without a suit, sustaining herself with the Force, and fought through the occupants of the bar to find Visquis, who had narrowly escaped through the maze of tunnels into his hidden fortress.

After again fighting her way through Ubese Bounty Hunters, the Exile confronted Visquis, who attempted to capture her to get close enough to Goto, in order to kill him. Goto turned the tables on the scheme, however, by revealing his control over the fortress and Ubese guards, and killing Visquis shortly before he electrocuted the Exile unconscious, transporting her to his Yacht orbiting the moon. When the Exile was revived from yet another forced indolence, G0-T0 revealed himself as the individual who had put out the bounty for Jedi, then proceeded to request the Exile’s cooperation in helping to “fix” the galaxy. She agreed to the proposal, but was not to be allowed to leave, until two members of her crew boarded the vessel and helped to destroy it, after which the Exile gained G0-T0’s droid as a companion, along with Mira, and met with Zez-Kai Ell, who agreed to meet the other Jedi on Dantooine.

Dantooine – Old Wounds

When the Exile arrived on Dantooine, she was immediately avoided, and often openly scorned, for her former status as a Jedi. Though the people of Khoonda seemed rather averse to her arrival, Administrator Adare treated the Exile as an honoured guest, and asked for her assistance in finding the whereabouts of the Jedi Master Vrook by investigating the sublevels of the Jedi Enclave’s ruins. Upon entering the ruins, the Exile uncovered evidence suggesting foul play from the Mercenaries involving Vrook, and teamed up with Mical, a former prospective padawan that had now become historian for the Republic. Following an instructional datapad on a mercenary’s body, the Exile entered a local cave, and found the Mercenaries holding the illusive Master in a force cage. Once she had freed the cantankerous old Jedi, the Exile was scolded for impulsive behavior in thwarting what might have been the only chance of averting a full-scale conflict between the Khoonda administration, and Azkul, the leader of the Mercenaries. Returning to Khoonda, the Exile bolstered defenses around the compound in preparation for an attack, and managed to push back and defeat the mercenary invaders, preserving the life of Adare, and earning herself an audience with Vrook, who, after a long discussion, conceited to meet with the other Jedi when they arrived.

Onderon and Dxun – Old Enemies, New Allies, and Political Turmoil

Dropping out of hyperspace into an orbital blockade around Onderon, the Exile found herself in the center of a hornet’s nest of political conflict. Military fighters commanded under General Valku of the Onderon Royal guard attacked the Ebon Hawk, forcing its crew to land on Dxun, a moon of Onderon, and the staging area of the Mandalorian Crusade against the Republic. Soon after meeting a new Mandalore, and his effort to revive the Mandalorian army, and securing herself a place among their ranks as a honourary Mandalorian, the Exile was given passage with Mandalore around the blockade to Iziz, where they planned to meet a Dagon Ghent, a doctor with connections inside the palace that could get a message to Jedi Master Kavar. Much to their dismay, however, Ghent was caught in an investigation into the murder of an officer of the Onderon military: as the prime suspect. Following the clearing of Dagon’s good name, and securing his encrypted holodiscs, the Exile managed to get a message to Kavar, and met with him in the local Cantina. The meeting was violently interrupted, however, by Vaklu’s right hand, Colonel Tobin, before anything relevant could be said. Fleeing from the imminent commencement of War in Iziz, the group battled their way through Vaklu soldiers to the star port, where they quickly returned to Dxun. Mandalore chose to accompany the Exile on her journeys through the Outer Rim, and instructed his second in command, Kelborn, to send word when it was safe to again attempt to rendezvous with Kavar.



Korriban – Confrontations

The Exile found Korriban in a state of emptiness and desolation, littered with the corpses of the New Sith Empire as it crumbled in on itself in the aftermath of the Jedi Civil War. Accepting that Kreia would not accompany her on the surface, but would instead speak to her through their connection, she entered the abandoned Sith Academy, encountered the broken corpse of Jedi Master Lonna Vash, and was challenged for the first time by Darth Sion. A duel ignited between the Lord of Pain and the Exile, but was quickly extinguished when she was forced to flee by the voice of Kreia. Once she had absconded with her life and made it to the exterior of the Academy, the Exile then made her way through caves where a dark energy emanated from, at the end of which stood the doorway into a tomb, shrouded in the mists of Dark Side energy. Adhering to Kreia’s counsel, the Exile entered the cave on her own, enduring tests of her past, present, and future. After leaving the cave, she wasted no time in making haste off the now dead planet of the Sith Empire, and continued her journey for the Jedi Masters who were still left to find.

Returning to Onderon and Dxun – Revolution and Dark Influences

Receiving word from Kelborn about Master Kavar, the Exile returned to Dxun, where her and her crew began to plan a strategy for helping end the immediate conflict on the planet and its moon. Electing three of her crew to lead the battle against the secret Sith base at the Tomb of Freedon Nadd on Dxun, the Exile and Kreia rode a Basilisk War Droid down to the City’s center, fighting through endless waves of soldiers to make it into the palace, where the combined Sith and Valku forces were besieging the throne room in order to enter and kill Queen Talia. After stopping the mysterious User 0 hacker and opening the door to Colonel Tobin’s position, the Exile killed the Drexl larvae that was used to break the throne room’s energy barrier, and fought off Vaklu’s forces that were already in the chamber. Soon joined by Master Kavar, she confronted Vaklu, and defeated him, ending the immediate threat on Iziz, though war still raged on in the streets. In the wake of the now-dwindling battle, Kavar and the Exile spoke at length about the Sith that had been influencing the struggle on Onderon, and agreed that the Jedi must gather on Dantooine to address the threat.

Returning to Dantooine – Condemnation and Revelation

Having located all the remaining Jedi Masters, the Jedi Exile returned to the newly constructed ruins of the Jedi Enclave on Dantooine to discuss tactics for combating the new Sith threat. However, the masters revealed to her that they believed her to be the source of the New Sith teachings, and, ultimately, the foundation from which the new Sith threat had sprung: that her re-established connection to the Force was from leeching off the life energy of her companions, and the deaths of her enemies. To close the wound in the Force around her, the Jedi council again sentenced her to exile, but without any ties to the Force she yet possessed. Just as the Masters prepared to enact her sentencing, Kreia intervened, and rebuked the Jedi for their condemnation and ignorance. After killing the Masters by showing them what the Jedi Exile had faced on Malachor, while her apprentice lay helpless on the ground, still in stasis, Kreia revealed herself as a Sith Lord Darth Traya, and fled to Telos IV, where the Exile would follow.

Returning to Telos IV – Atris’ Fall and Nihilus’ End

Wasting no time after she had recovered from the stasis, the Jedi Exile left Dantooine and made haste to Atris’ Academy on Telos IV. There she found that Atris had fallen to the dark side, giving in to a slow corruption that had been happening for many years, due to a conversation with Darth Traya. They came to blows in a duel that left Atris near death, but the Exile refused to kill her, despite her pleas for it. Knowing that her opponent would not slay her, Atris accepted defeat, and told the Exile that Traya would be waiting for her in the depths of Malachor V, preparing to end her life and the Exile’s with it should she not pursue her. Atris then elaborated on the arrival of Nihilus to the system in search of a conclave of Jedi, a lie that Kreia had fed to him through the revived Colonel Tobin.The Exile then left for Citadel station, where she helped fight back the Sith invaders, and boarded the Ravager in order to face and defeat Nihilus. Accompanied by Mandalore and Visas Marr, the former apprentice to Darth Nihilus, and now a disciple of the Exile, she clashed with and defeated the near-omnipotent Sith Lord, using the wound in the Force to render him helpless to control his hunger. As his power consumed his own body, the Exile claimed his mask for her own, and left the ship, destroying it with proton charges she had planted on her way to the bridge.

In the aftermath of the Battle for Telos IV, the Exile met with Admiral Carth Onasi, a former crew member of Revan during the latter days of the Jedi Civil War. Admiral Onasi articulated the events that ended the War, and the reason why Revan had left known space. Asking the Exile to tell Revan that he was doing what was charged to him should she meet him on Malachor V, the Admiral sent the Exile on her way.

Malachor V – the Apprentice and the Master

Crash Landing once again on the surface of Malachor V, the Jedi Exile immediately sought out Traya, making her way through the damp and dark fissures of the planet, until she had reached the Trayus Academy. As she fought her way through the Sith students inhabiting the dark institution, the Exile encountered and defeated Sion, who finally allowed himself to pass into oblivion, ending his eternal pain and suffering. Once she had prepared herself for the duel to come, she faced Traya at the heart of the darkness that plagued Malachor. There Traya forced the Exile into a final duel, during which Kreia animated three lightsabers with the Force to do battle with her opponent when she could no longer fight herself. After the duel was over, and Kreia was close to the end, she told the Exile the truth, why she had orchestrated the events surrounding the fall of the Sith Triumvirate, and told her of things of both past, present, and the future to come. Having finished the Exile’s training, and done all she could to bring about the end of the Force, Kreia conceded to death at the Exile’s hands, and her apprentice then activated the Mass Shadow Generator for a second time, now destroying Malachor irrevocably, and fled in the Ebon Hawk.

Little is known about the events surrounding the Jedi Exile following the second destruction of Malachor V, but it is believed that she travelled into the Unknown Regions to find Revan, and assist him in battling the True Sith in their domain.

Personality and Traits

The Exile was a strong-willed individual who, like many Jedi unsatisfied with pacifism during a losing War for the Republic, had a strong sense of compassion, generosity, and a need to help others. Before her banishment from known space, when she first faced trial for her actions, she remained strong in her convictions and attempted to make the council see the righteousness of her actions, plunging her lightsaber into the center stone of the council chambers as she left. When she travelled beyond the Outer Rim, accepting the sentencing put before her, the Exile took on a solitary nature, and refused to travel with anyone, seemingly shunning her natural role as leader, as well as her role as a Jedi Knight, using the time to reflect upon her actions, and why the council had chosen to do as they had done.

Upon returning to known space, the Exile almost immediately reprised her role as leader, and once again began forming strong bonds with those she met in her journeys, and teaching those who had the potential around her how to use the Force and become Jedi. She also regained the role of Jedi Knight within herself, and began working to help the galaxy in any way she could, her old sense of active compassion and willingness to assist those in need shining through the mask she wore during exile. In the tomb on Korriban, much of her character was revealed as she faced visions of her past, and lamented for her crimes during the Mandalorian Wars. Though her past was mired with self-proclaimed mistakes that she never truly outlived, the Jedi Exile was a singular factor in shaping the galaxy into what it was before Palpatine’s Great Purge, and thusly was a prime example of one individual pivoting the way of life, and the way of the Force, on their shoulders.

The Exile's relationship with Revan however was implied that she loved him like a Father and mentor to her, even though her love was not extended beyond that but Revan's influence had given her enough credit on her own characteristic development into a great Jedi someday.

The journey to join the war with Revan...

The truth about the Jedi Exile, her real name was later revealed in the Star Wars The Old Republic as Meetra Surik. After the defeat of Darth Traya, just before her journey into the Unknown Regions to find Revan. The Exile was soon later revealed to the remaining Jedi Order survivors as Meetra Surik, it was a couple years before the droid T3-M4 had led the Exile into reuniting with another Jedi who also knew Revan, where it led to Bastila Shan.

After the formal meeting Meetra had with Admiral Carth Onasi. Carth had revealed his history with Revan but Meetra simply told him that she did not find any trace of Revan yet. Meetra Surik's history has shown that she originally joined Revan's faction of Jedi that defended, the Galactic Republic in the Mandalorian Wars and would perform such act again. The Exile's relationship with Revan was extended into a love relationship along the lines of Meetra looking up to Revan as a hero, mentor and father figurehead. Meetra later on took credit that for her own efforts for Revan's influence as a factor behind her own development in becoming a powerful and great Jedi.

When Meetra Surik got reunited with Bastila Shan, the Exile knew she had sensed the love relationship and bond that Bastila had shared with Revan. Bastila Shan was already married to Revan at this point, she was also a Jedi Master and was soon to be part of the Jedi Council. Meetra Surik who recently restored her connection with the Force and had learned a lot from her adventures with her companions. She became friends with Bastila for a short time as thier fates towards finding Revan were linked in some way or form. 

Meetra first met Bastila in person with her three year old son Vaner Shan, T3M4 later revealed to Meetra and Bastila that Revan was in trouble and captured by the Sith Empire on an unknown planet called Nathema.Both Bastila and Meetra were shocked by the droids recording, yet it seemed more or less true that the Jedi believed the Sith were extinct. Yet the truth seemed more distant than they first realised, Bastila was determined to go and find Revan herself but with her son in the way and a promise to Revan to raise their son away from further bloodshed had made her feel helpless into saving her husband.

Then it seemed all clear to Meetra Surik at that point that she swore an oath to go find Revan using the Ebon Hawk and journey into the far Unknown Regions to find and save Revan. Meetra recalled her close relationship with Revan was merely she loved him like father and understood Bastila's feeling helpless.

Meetra insisted Bastila to remain behind while she took the droid T3M4 with her into the far Unknown Regions alone. Before her departure Bastila revealed to Meetra a couple things that she kept from Revan, one of them was the legendary mask that he wore in his confrontation against her as the Dark Lord of the SIth.

Meetra and T3M4 ventured into the Unknown Regions to where they found themselves on the newly rebuilt Sith Empire homeworld called Dromund Kaas to which later revealed the location of Revan was imprisoned there. Meetra later discovered Revan and rescued him, even though it was a brief victory she nervously handed Revan over his mask. Revan was shocked that Meetra had it and even moreso that Bastila had it all along but was afraid of what he would become. Meetra also revealed a holocron recording of Bastila with their son Vaner, however Revan was determined to finish where he started and Meetra accompanied him to the end.

Meetra fought with Revan side by side just like the Mandalorian Wars, and with their dark ally, Lord Scourge, the group made their own way to the Emperor's Throne Room. The plan to defeat the Emperor failed as Meetra and Revan were betrayed from within.

The Jedi Exile and T3-M4 were both killed in this final battle while Revan remained imprisoned again for 300 years.

While Revan remained imprisoned, Meetra Surik performed one final act to protect and remained with Revan through her Force spirit where she comforted the Prodigal Knight, helping him plant seeds through the Force bond link between him and the Sith Emperor where they managed to delay the retaliation for at least 300 years. Throughout in this time, Bastila and her son Vaner, and the Shan family in general experienced peace for a long time before the war broke out 300 years later when Grand Master Satele Shan was in power.

The fate of Meetra after Revan was rescued on Taral V possibily led to the conclusion she had become one with the Force...

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